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ACE Journals is the leading gateway to a family of journals that offer an international platform to exhibit the skills of researchers, scientists, engineers, doctors, managers, professionals, academicians and professors. Through these peer-reviewed open access online journals worldwide research community gets the chance to communicate and synchronize their research activities leading to growth and application of research and technology. ACE journals are the medium to discover the basic blocks of the latest research. The journals publish original theoretical research work and application-based studies….

ACE Journals provides an outlet for research findings and reviews in areas of Computer Science and Technology found to be relevant for national and international development. ACE Journals is an open access, peer reviewed international journal with a primary objective to provide the academic community and industry for the submission of original research and applications related to Computer Science and Technology. The quarterly journal is intended, in its publications, to stimulate new research ideas and foster practical application from the research findings. The journal publishes original research of such high quality as to attract contributions from the relevant local, regional and international communities.

Our Goals

Our goals are to promote the co-operation between the professionals in various fields of the engineering and to cultivate an environment for the advance and development of the technology. Our objective includes:

  • Promoting the interactions between the engineers.
  • Advancing the application of engineering techniques from the academics to the industry.
  • Facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among the engineers and scientists freely.

Quick Facts

  • More than 150 AJCST members.
  • More than 50 AJCST editorial board members (AJCST, AJEET) .
  • Regularly updated every Month.
  • Peer Reviewed and Open Access.

ACE Journals Tasks

  • ACE publishes scholarly peer-reviewed research journal. The journal can be available online with full-text content freely.
  • ACE organizes conferences to provide venues for the exchange of information and ideas among the engineers and scientists.
  • AJCST encourages and supports the formation of various ACE societies, covering the different engineering subjects and geographical locations.

Membership of ACE Journals

ACE Journals welcome all the engineering professionals to join us. There will be no membership fee in according with our objective to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas freely. There are three types of memberships: AJCST Member, AJCST Senior Member and AJCST Fellow. Join AJCST now!

Frequency: 4 issues per year

ISSN :2393-8390 (On Line)

SUBJECT CATEGORY : Computer Science And Technology

Contact: +91-901-767-6007 // 0184-4032852

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